Thursday, 17 May 2018

More relics for renovation - Mig I-270 and Zlin 142

I think CMK's MiG I-270 might be the first resin kit I tried. And perhaps just as well as the resin kits I worked on afterwards were the challenging Unicraft offerings. It's been  a fair few years since I built this so I can't really remember much about except it seems to have been an  easy introduction to resin as the  finish seems okay.

As you can see, there is insufficient room in the nose  for  lead weight to counteract the heavy resin rear fuselage, so this one needs a base and a tail trestle. I substituted  plastic main-wheels from the spares box  by the look of it Also it looks as though I experimented with Alclad for the first time too.

My Zlin didn't fare so well. I think this was the first injection molded kit from Broplan and I found the canopy a difficult fit. Still it was a nice project and it'll get replaced sometime as I have the Hobby Boss kits in the stash.

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