Thursday, 17 May 2018

Dusty 1/72 relics from the past - Harrier and Bobcat

I've been having a massive tidy-up; trying to get the spare room ready for students. In the shuffle of bookshelves I had to relocate some old models. Some of these have languished next to a window and the pain has peeled  or faded. i thought it proper to at least record these before they get consigned to the wargames fleet or binned. Perhaps I will restore one or two.

Anyway, first  is the old Airfix Harrier. No  vanes ahead of the windshield nor antennae on the hump. Needs a new nose probe. Judging from the hairy stick application this was certainly built for wargaming and I might pop it on a base.

Airfix Harrier GR3

Next ,  the  Cessna T50 Bobcat  by Pavla. Over the years since I built this (for Scale Aviation Modeller International), the decals have started to blister and flake. i wonder if I forgot to varnish over the top of them?

One of my few bright yellow aircraft, I think a little touch-up is in order and this can go back on display.

Pavla T50 Bobcat

Pavla T50 bobcat

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