Wednesday, 7 May 2014

TT-1 Pinto

Temco Pinto TT-1
Special Hobby 1/72

I wanted one of these for a long time before I picked one up. A lot of money for a little model and  the  general lack of  fit that comes with SH kits. Saying that, the engraving is sublime so I'll  stop whining and get on with the kit.

I did a little research but couldn't find a good colour pic of the cockpit. Super Pinto pics show updated cockpits but I needed original. After assembling the two separate cockpit tubs I dry fitted them and noticed big gaps between the instrument panels and the coaming. It was necessary to adjust the angle of  both tubs. They certainly don't fit as depicted in the instructions. Here's a quick phone pic of the tubs in situ -

 I've used a clamp to hold the  bottom of the rear tub and the top of the front tubs' rear section under pressure, eliminating the gap above the rear instrument panel. Always a bit of a bodge with these kits!

As you can see, the  rear tub cants back.  if I straightened the rear  bulkhead then I could raise the rear of the  rear tub. I would also have to reshape the rear bulkhead and tub to fit higher in the cockpit. No! Not good enough! I ripped them out and started again..

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